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We value our clients and their feedback. Nothing makes us happier than when the hard work of our team getting appreciated.

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Damien Linville

I was looking for a website developer who can help me build a website for my toy business, but I wanted someone who would understand the special place I have for my work, that is when I found HOI Solutions. Henry is an understanding man. He and his team understood my affection towards the toys and they built me a beautiful website. The process was long as I wanted it to be perfect, but their interest did not fade for a single moment. LOVED THE COOPERATION.

Anna Bella

I had just started a new shoe eCommerce store but it was not performing well due to the high rate of competitors, that is when I went to HOI Solutions and they helped my business grow and expand with an interesting marketing strategy. They showed me the importance of good marketing and how I can build my USP for a shoe brand. Their efforts and planning worked and Thank God my shoes business is still running and I have a great list of loyal customers on my page. Thank you, HOI Solutions.

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We develop more than mobile apps and digital strategies. We empower companies to achieve their business goals 2X faster.

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A Proven Process To Get You The Results You Want.

We don't believe in guesswork! That's why we have a proven process and a team of digital marketing experts to get you the best results.


Before we get you the results, we first need to understand the nature of your business. In this stage, we perform extensive market research and analysis for your business.


In this stage, we create a roadmap for your business from start to finish. We create content calendars, campaign strategies, and more at this stage.


The major design, development and content creation KPIs are completed in this stage. Our team posts, collects and analyze results for evaluation.


After we have the data we start analyzing each metric. This allows us to optimize your marketing goals for high ROIs.


We bring our clients’ visions to digital reality.

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