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The nature of how we do business is evolving. That’s why your business needs custom software solutions to make it future-ready! Custom software development lets you make an impact in your industry with functionality features specially made for your unique business and customers.

At HOI Solutions, we are a team of professional software development experts providing SaaS development services to empower businesses in this competitive digital landscape. We offer software development services that offer a tailored approach for businesses of diverse sectors and sizes.

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Why Do You Need A Custom Business Software?

Your business is unique with its own customer demands and requirements. However, meeting those demands isn’t enough. Businesses need to adapt and pivot to keep up with the changing consumer behavior.

Custom software development ensures businesses quickly respond to shifts in the market. With specific features and services custom-made for you, your business not only meets your customer demands but also gives your business a more personalized appeal.

HOI’s Custom Software Application Development Expertise

HOI Solutions has worked with clients from diverse niches across the globe. With our custom software development services, hundreds of clients have unlocked new possibilities and overcome competitive and resource challenges in their industries.

Custom Software Development Process at HOI

Our custom software development process goes through rigorous research, analysis, and execution before it is available to your users. Here’s the agile process we follow at HOI:


We start off your project by understanding your business and extracting key requirements. Next, we start formulating concepts and designs for your software that align with your business objectives.

Design & Development

After we have a working prototype for your custom software, we start taking the project to full-scale production. We have expertise across frameworks, databases, and software languages to ensure your software is designed 100% according to your requirements.

Quality Assurance

At HOI, we never compromise on quality! We run multiple tests in an interactive manner, so issues are much more easy to identify and resolve. Some of the tests we perform are system testing, functional testing, and user acceptance (UAT) testing.

Training & Transfer

We minimize the possibility of failure; we have a solid process of change management and training. We transfer all of the intellectual property of your software to your team, along with completing all the change requests and impact analysis.

As a full-service software development company, HOI provides a range of custom software services for businesses.

Custom Software Development Services

Software Consulting

We value your business, and that’s why each aspect of your growth matters to us. We analyze your business from ... the ground up and assist you in choosing the right technology stack for your project.

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We connect your business with your customers through innovative application solutions. Prototyping, ... UI/UX design, testing, deployment, are just a few of the application services we offer.

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HOI Solutions streamlines your enterprise ecosystem with software solutions custom-made for your organization. ... We fuse BPA, RPA, and AI technology to improve the inefficiencies in your organization’s operations.

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Our product customization services re-engineer and improve your existing business software. ... Our software experts cater to clients across diverse business ecosystems, delivering innovative product customization.

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Our cloud development services future-proof your infrastructure investments, no matter if they are public, ... private, or hybrid cloud environments. You can also streamline the shift to SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS business models seamlessly with our cloud development services.

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Benefits Of Custom Software

Are you still unsure whether you want to invest in custom software development or not? There are countless benefits of customized software development, here’s just a few of them.

Full Ownership

When you buy a packaged software, you’re paying subscription fess or additional licensing fees for someone’s else product. With custom software you have 100% ownership of your product, with only investing in an up-front cost of a custom software.

Full Flexibility

Custom software comes with flexibility and scalability as your business grows. When new customers come in, you may want to add features that can handle more users or add enhancement features custom software makes all of these changes possible.

Competitive Advantage

Most of your competitors are probably using off-the-shelf software, meaning they all are using the same technologies and functionalities. When you invest in a custom software, you are giving a personalized approach to your customers, when your competitors aren’t doing.

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Tailored Software Development Solutions

HOI Solutions has been revolutionizing the software development industry for the past decade. At HOI Solutions, we understand what today’s businesses demand for growth and scale.

We don’t adopt a one size fits all policy at our software development company. Each project we undertake goes through a process custom made, keeping your users and business objectives in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom software development is about creating, designing, and maintaining software as per the requirements of your business, unlike off-the-shelf software.

The cost of custom software depends on the scope and complexity of the project. Businesses can expect to pay anywhere between $5000 to $100k grand for custom software.

Software development takes an average of three to nine to build from scratch. There are other variables involved, like the structure of your project, that can alter the timeline.

HOI Solutions is a complete software development firm that offers the following services.
  • Software consulting services
  • Enterprise software development services
  • Software product development services
  • Software integration services
  • Custom CRM development services
  • API development services

Custom software is tailored specific to your business objectives. Secondly, you can always iterations to your custom software as your business scales, which isn’t possible with pre-existing software from the market.