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HOI Solutions is home to 50+ designers, developers and marketeers who work with businesses in different sectors. We bring our clients’ visions into digital reality with high-end user experience and result-oriented strategies.

Whether you are a startup or an enterprise-grade corporation, HOI can help you make a difference in your niche market by targeting the right audience and forwarding your narrative in the right communities.


We Serve All Kind Of Industries

HOI brings product development and digital marketing solutions for all kinds and size of businesses.

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How does HOI help different business sectors?


We start all of our projects with a strong market research. We study the demographics, target audience and the income segment your business intends to target.


We study the trade rules, then understand the tactics your competitors are following.


Every business sector follows a specific style of marketing. We assess the market standards, look at the trends and come up with metrics for future comparison.


This is where the execution starts. After researching the industry, we dedicate subject-matter expertise and create website and messaging that represents the native lingo of the industry.


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We develop more than mobile apps and digital strategies. We empower companies to achieve their business goals 2X faster.

We bring our clients’ visions to digital reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As we have mentioned in our processes, all of our projects start with market research and competitor analysis. So metrics, campaign performance and comparisons are part of our strategies.

We have a team of 50+ website designers and developers and we have delivered development and marketing projects in 15+ diverse industries. Though, we are experts in real estate, healthcare, food and beverages, construction and technologies.