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HOI Solutions delivers custom websites to healthcare providers that are user-friendly, aesthetic and optimized for different devices. We offer healthcare website development services that empower medical centers to build a strong digital presence.


What Makes A Good Healthcare Website?

While there are certain criteria that apply to all websites – healthcare websites need three important elements to be exceptionally effective:

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Since many of your visitors will be senior citizens, your website should not be cluttered with too many options. You need to keep the pages short to minimize scrolling, allow users to open links with a single click and have prominent buttons pointing users in the right direction.


We understand that a healthcare website is a platform for high-end web pages from a performance and experience point of view. You need to have a responsive, professional website with a simple design that doesn't distract the users from important information.


People dealing with health issues are often distressed. They will not stick around if they cannot find relevant information. So whether it’s your phone number, location address or critical knowledge about health problems – the essential information on your website should be extremely easy to find.

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Patient-Oriented Healthcare Websites

As an experienced healthcare website development company, we design your website from the perspective of a healthcare provider who is on a mission to provide convenient access to healthcare services. 

Our goal is to simplify the user journey so that patients have no trouble booking appointments and connecting with the right medical professionals. 

Here’s what you can expect from the healthcare website designed by HOI Solutions:

  • prominent doctor profiles
  • easy appointment booking process
  • online chat option with doctors and agents
  • doctors rating and review section
  • effortless login & signup process for doctors & patients

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Types Of Healthcare Websites We Develop

Doctor appointment booking websites

Pharmacy and drug store websites

Mental health and meditation courses websites

Weight Loss supplements ecommerce websites

Doctors and nurses profile websites

Medical review websites

Online consultancy and telemedicine websites

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Secure And Compliant

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets a few standards for medical websites to secure confidential patient information. HOI Solutions offers HIPAA compliant web development by making sure:

  • Your website has an SSL certificate
  • You partner with compliant web hosting services
  • All web forms on your website are encrypted
  • There are procedures to secure health information from unauthorized individuals

Why Your Healthcare Business Needs A Website

Most people start their healthcare journeys through an online search. If your medical facility has a dedicated website – there’s a high chance they will come to you. Healthcare websites ensure you get a continuous flow of new patients.

Patients can book appointments, consult with doctors or even order medicine through the website, if you wish to include this option. As a healthcare enterprise, a website is one of your most important investments.


A Healthcare Website Development Company That Follows Holistic Web Development Practice

We provide end-to-end healthcare website development services to clients. Here’s the complete process that allows us to create user-friendly, responsive and secure websites for medical facilities:

Our first step is to gather all the necessary information about the client and their project. We aim to understand your requirements and business needs to determine the website’s purpose.

Using the information that you have provided us, we put together a detailed website plan and develop a site map. This map helps us determine how the end user will navigate the website.

Our designers will create multiple prototypes of the website which will be in the form of static images. These images will represent the website’s final look. Our developers will then add functionalities to the website.

Every page will be tested to make sure all the links work perfectly and the website is displayed correctly on different devices. We will make sure there are no bugs and then move on to getting your final approval.

As an end-to-end healthcare website development company, we will make sure your website is compliant with HIPAA regulations and has SSL encryption before we take it live.

Building Your Online

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Read Our Clients’ Experience Working With Us

We have provided healthcare website development services to healthcare institutions, startups and medical professionals. Here is what they have to say.

client 1 picture

As a dentist, I know very little about building websites and this is why I hired HOI Solutions. I am glad I made that decision because the website they made for me was fantastic. Plus their customer team was a delight to talk to.

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Dr. Haffner

United State
client 1 picture

Few months back, I hired HOI Solutions to make a website for my pharmacy. Their team went out of their way to deliver a brilliant website for a reasonable price. I have just made my 50th online sale this week.

Card image cap

Dr. Macy Jones

United State
client 1 picture

I am a gastroenterologist who knows more about the esophagus than I do about web design. Thankfully, these gentlemen were more than happy to help me build and run my website. Special shoutout to John for being an amazing customer agent.

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Dr. Kohen

United State

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Why HOI Solutions?

Whether your organization is a hospital, pharmacy or medical school –your website is an important asset for your community. HOI Solutions specializes in healthcare website development services for different businesses that operate in this industry.

Working with our team, you will have access to:

  • Web developers with 10+ years of experience
  • Experts with knowledge of medical industry standards
  • QA engineers to make sure your website is glitch-free
  • Customers support agents who are responsive and compassionate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. As a healthcare website development company that values your privacy, we will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you before starting a project. We will never share information about your project with anyone without your consent.

Healthcare website development services can cost anywhere from $1500 to $5,000. The actual website development cost depends on the technical requirements of your website.

Of course. HOI Solutions provides post-production service to clients where we manage the website’s maintenance. We will not charge you extra for minor changes. However, we will charge a fee if you want additional features on your website.

Yes. HOI Solutions builds intuitive and user-friendly websites for hospitals, dental clinics, medical universities and pharmacies.

When selecting an agency to build your healthcare website, you want professionals that are familiar with different compliances and standards that exist in the industry. There’s always an issue with patient information on medical websites and you need someone who would help you build a secure platform.