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HOI is a leading blockchain development company offering full-cycle blockchain, crypto ad NFT services. We build applications to help our clients trade, create and manage digital assets and smart contracts.

As an expert blockchain app development company, we offer game development, custom software application development, NFT development and marketing consultancy and blockchain-based product design, development, and testing services to meet your specific requirements.

We help you save costs with our full-cycle development. You can rely on us for product development, operations, testing, and maintenance.


Why trust HOI Solutions for Blockchain Development ?

We have been helping organizations overcome business challenges for more than 10 years in the industry. With a strong social proof, we give you 6 more reasons to choose us for all-things-dev.


Leverage Full-Cycle Blockchain Services

We would distinguish ourselves as expert NFT designers and experienced blockchain developers, but we are more than that. We empower businesses with modern technologies and help them automate, sustain and scale.

At HOI Solutions, we build agile applications powered by blockchain technology and help our clients develop sustainable business models. Our blockchain solutions improve our client's product and service delivery, strengthen their infrastructures for data security and remote accessibility, and open new ways for business scalability.


Modern Blockchain Solutions For Unique Business Requirements

Game Development

There is no better time than now to capitalize on a blockchain-based game with stunning graphics and a high-end ... user experience. Let HOI combine its blockchain development expertise and gaming industry experience to create a monetization-ready game. Launch a crypto or NFT-based game and reclaim the competitive advantage.

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NFT Marketplace

Non-fungible tokens are cryptographic assets that run on blockchain technology. HOI develops interactive marketplaces ... to attract trade in the thriving NFT community. As a blockchain development agency, we hyperfocus on building high-end user experiences for diverse audiences to accelerate trade for all assets, including music, gaming tools, artwork, and unique digital assets.

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Decentralized Apps
(dApps) Development

Decentralized apps, or what we say here at HOI, dApss, are blockchain applications that use a cryptographic architecture. ... The biggest protocols and exchanges utilize this modern architecture. As a blockchain app development company, we build fast-running apps that do not suffer single-point failures. You can go serverless, let your stakeholders, employees, and users experience secure remote access, and gain a competitive advantage.

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Software Programs

We emphasize creating public and private networks ideal for internal and external business uses. Offering ... fast-paced supply chain operations, customer data maintenance, and processing, all while protecting your institutional privacy.

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NFT Consulting Services

Planning to take a plunge into the blockchain ecosystem? Developing and leveraging non-fungible tokens ... can be your safest bet in an era where blockchain is more than a trend. Attract modern community, business leaders, and venture capitalists with a strong NFT-oriented business plan.

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Want to Create a Blockchain Infrastructure?

Impressed by blockchain infrastructures but don’t have the time and resources to manage the hardware? HOI has got you covered! Because we are on a mission to leverage modern technologies to empower businesses, we also provide a blockchain-as-a-service model. Get a database and automate your workflows so your resources can focus on more strategic tasks.

Building Your Online

Let us hear your requirements so we can best serve you to maximize your business potential.

New Feature Integration

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HOI Solutions Blockchain Development Roadmap

Know what working with the finest blockchain app development company looks like.


Blockchain development is a lucrative yet uncharted field for many enthusiasts. We start every project with a consultation call as a reliable blockchain development company. Here we see if what you require is doable and if we are the one for the services.


After an idea is discussed and detailed, we make it relevant to your business model and target audience. We strive to make all our blockchain design endeavors innovative, well-researched, and market competitive.


Our blockchain application development process is through. Once the application is ready for the test, we make it live to get real-time stats to find any needed errors or fixes.


Every blockchain application we build is tested against its direct competitors to get real-time user statics. If it's a business application, we check it against the hours it helps your workforce save.


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We develop more than mobile apps and digital strategies. We empower companies to achieve their business goals 2X faster.

We bring our clients’ visions to digital reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Blockchain Development

A blockchain is a constantly growing decentralized and distributed ledger that stores your important information like transactions, customer data files, and business operations. The information is stored in the blocks that are interconnected and linked by the cryptographic hash of previous blocks and a timestamp.

Like other applications, apps built on blockchain use coding languages like Java, C++, and Python. Or, you can use Solidity to build blockchain applications. However, blockchain application development requires a technical background in programming languages. If you have a business background and plan to explore the untapped opportunities in blockchain and NFT space, we recommend hiring an agency like HOI to develop a blockchain app for your business vision.

The blockchain database is a substitute for the centralized database system. In a centralized database, a single-point failure can disrupt the system and cause data loss, access, and deletion issues. With a blockchain database, the data is distributed between nodes that work together to maintain a single transactional record.

A digital transaction in a blockchain network is stored and grouped in cryptographically secure blocks that carry the transaction information in the same timeframe. The miners who use computing power solve a cryptographic puzzle to validate the transactions. The first to solve the puzzle is rewarded. This way, several verified blocks are created. They share information through nodes and carry a specific identity encrypted by the hash function.

It is a public wallet through which cryptocurrency or other blockchain-powered assets are transferred to your address. The public transfers currency through a public key to a private user in their wallet secured by a private key.