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HOI’s digital branding gives your personal and professional brand a consistent look and feel. Through our graphic animation and brand storytelling strategies, embed and amplify brand impact. We create messaging that goes beyond products and services.

In the digital era, marketing is fundamentally changing. Building a brand is more than sharing knowledge and business success. These stories may bring in admirers but can only sometimes convert them into loyal customers. Therefore, we work on finding your ideal prospects with consistent and compelling brand messaging.


Why hire Digital Branding Services?

Your customers want to build a connection with you before they are ready to buy from you. Brands like Apple, Nike, and many others follow the same strategy. Their brand messaging revolves around their values, giving people all the reasons to trust them.

Why Businesses Trust HOI

When we say we are a B2B branding agency, we actually mean we have empowered thousands of businesses around the world find their way around digital branding. We create marketing ecosystems that self-operate and translate into improved conversions and higher volumetric sales.

Want to know how we can help you digitally transform your brand?

As a branding and digital marketing agency, we understand the importance of building an online persona. It is a sustainable way to gain customers’ trust in your personal and professional brand.

Branding and Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Branding Services for Individuals and Businesses

Social Media

Want to digitize your brand and take it to your target audience’s mobile screens? Our social media marketing services, ... specially Facebook and Instagram marketing services help create a 24*7 connection between brands and their target audiences.

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Personal Branding
and PR

As a founder, solopreneur, and CEO of small and big enterprises, your presence on digital media is important. Sharing your personal ... life stories and thoughts on current corporate events and economical circumstances with customers assists in building a human connection. Craft a custom digital brand strategy, and get featured on channels like Forbes and Entrepreneur to build a PR.

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Utilizing all the marketing channels for your business's unique services will attract a loyal following of customers who believe ... in your values and mission. Our digital branding services focus on building you as a thought leader in your industry by conveying your business vision with interactive and pleasing graphics, trendy and informative videos, and illustrations to give your brand a custom look.

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As a branding and digital marketing agency, we can help you grow your product reach to right people by ... sharing a consistent message on your official webpage and social media platforms. Our branding plans are focused on positioning your product as the only solution of its kind. Our product branding plan includes product packaging and merchandise design.

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Business graphics are an important part of your brand strategy. Our graphics plans include standalone digital assets like ... social media highlights, posts, logos and full asset packs starting from logos, merchandise, messaging etc.

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How We Work

Brand Development Process at HOI

Every strategy, design and development project is executed with a holistic agile method. Get an insider look of how we function at HOI.


Here, we get on a call and understand your business goals, products and services nature and match you with the right branding package. This follows our market research and competitor analysis techniques.


After we agree to proceed with the collaboration, we craft a branding strategy for your goals with a clear plan on how we can achieve them.


The strategy is put to execution in this phase. We design content and graphics, test it for UI and UX, and publish.


At HOI, we believe in continuous testing and improvement. We evaluate the results of campaigns, compare metrics on periodic basis and recommend fixes.


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We develop more than mobile apps and digital strategies. We empower companies to achieve their business goals 2X faster.

We bring our clients’ visions to digital reality.

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Work with HOI SOLUTIONS, more than an app development company, currently on a mission to transform the global business infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

A personal brand gives you a competitive edge in times when there are millions of businesses operating online without a face. So, personal, professional and digital branding activities position you in the market as a person with a business that has values and thought processes. This ultimately helps your target customers connect better with your message, opinions, products and services. As a digital branding agency, we can bet that messaging can teleport your products and services into your target customers’ hands and establish authenticity.

Big brands are built over several years, like Nike, Apple, and Coca-Cola. But with businesses going social, you can always gain the immediate benefits of followers, recognition, and social proof with consistent efforts in 3 months. Based on your market and competition, your brand, once positioned well, can generate leads for your business in under a year.

Yes, we offer several packages based on the size of the business, the nature of products and services, the clients’ requirements, and their goals for the upcoming 6 months. We have personal, professional, and social media marketing service packages that start from $300 and can even be customized depending on your business goals.

Registration is optional to start with branding. However, a registered trademark gives you the sole right to use the name and the digital assets that go with it.