How to Hire an Android App Development Company

How to Hire an Android Development Company

Android is still the driving force of the digital revolution. As of 2023, Android OS has a market share of 87.4%, according to Statista. And this growth isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.

This is one of the reasons why HOI’s business analysts recommend entrepreneurs invest in Android app development. However, the most common concern we hear from business owners is how to hire Android developer while taking the plunge into building an asset for this platform.

In this guide, we have answered all your questions about hiring the best Android development team that strikes the right expertise, experience, portfolio and budget .

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6 Essential Skills of Expert Android Developers

Developing a mobile application is a complex technical endeavor. For developing an Android application, a person needs to have the development skill set and experience (relative to the project’s requirements).

Here are 6 essential development skills you should check when hiring Android developers:

1. Knowledge of Programming Languages

The two most common programming languages for developing Android applications are Java and Kotlin. When you are looking to hire Android developer, ensure that they know these concepts of Java and Kotlin:

  • Syntax and basics
  • Frameworks
  • Multithreading
  • Functional programming
  • Generics

2. Android SDK (Software Development Kit)

Android SDK features a wide variety of tools and a pre-packed set of code. These tools and code enable developers to create Android mobile applications much faster.

When a developer has a complete grip on Android SDK, they can drastically cut down the development process. For example, with an Android SDK, the developer can easily integrate your application with Facebook.

3. Knowledge Of Android Studio

Android Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that comes with Material Design for designing the UI and UX. The developer will use the material design’s library of assets for creating visuals like menus, sidebars, and panels.

4. APIs

APIs are an integral part of an application. They enable the connectivity of Android applications with third-party services. For example, a developer can integrate Google Map’s API at the backend of the application to help users navigate to a location.

5. Use of Databases

Applications require a database to handle the communication of users’ information. So, a developer should be familiar with databases like Firebase for storing information on the cloud. Additionally, developers must have a solid command over working with SQLite databases if the user needs offline functionality.

6. Understanding of Business Processes and SDLC

When the developers start working on your project, they first need to understand the logic behind the development decision. Once they have a clear grasp of that, they will be able to identify what important features the application would require. It will also enable them to plan the development process and come up with an innovative solution.

How To Choose A Tech Stack For Your Android App With Developer?

The technology stack you choose for the app development will have a significant impact on the process and the cost. Similarly, the technology stack will also help you in deciding which approach or framework is the most suitable for your project.

When you are hiring an Android app development company, you need to outline all the features you’ll need in the product, along with all the extra features that will be added in the future.

This will give the development company a clear picture of what exactly you’ll need in the application. You’ll also need to articulate to the developers if you are looking for a native app or a cross-platform app.

In short, the technology stack is a combination of all tools and technologies the development company will use to develop a robust mobile application for Android users.

Here are all the development tools you need in the tech stack:

  • Programming language: Java or Kotlin
  • Database
  • Relevant APIs according to usage tier
  • Testing instrument
  • Hosting and servers

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5 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring an Android Developer

1. Consider Your Requirements and Business Needs

Here are the 5 development aspects that help you while you hire an Android developer.

Instead of directly deciding on which language and framework you want to use in your app’s development, we recommend you choose the basics first, such as:

  • The type of application you want to develop – native, cross-platform, or hybrid.
  • The application’s data usage.
  • The application’s hardware access.

2. Specify The Main Objective of Your App And Choose a Monetization Model

Is the application you are looking to develop in the B2B sector or B2C? Or is the application going to solve a problem or rely on advertisements for revenue? Questions like these will ensure that you have a specific objective for the application before you hire Android developer.

For example, if you build an application that offers subscription plans, then all the features and design of the product will revolve around that particular subscription model.

3. Determine the Type of Collaboration

There are three different hiring options you can choose from when you want to build a mobile application.

We recommend appreneurs to opt for outsourcing the project, because of two reasons which we will discuss ahead.

4. Think About App Security

If the application you are looking to develop relies heavily on the access of personal information, then you’ll need to look after all security aspects of the application. If there is a potential risk of a data breach after the app goes live on the internet, then you could potentially lose all of your business.

5. Specify Integrations and Compatibility

Third-party integrations make up a huge portion of an application’s features. No matter what kind of application you want to develop, you’ll definitely need API custom integrations at the backend. For example, if you want to develop a food delivery application, you’ll need to have Google Maps API.

How To Find And Hire Android Developer In 4 Steps

Developing an Android app requires technical skills and experience. That’s why this job needs the assistance of an expert. However, hiring expert developers is a challenging prospect.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to hire the best Android app developers:

Step 1 - Prepare a technical description of your project

HOI experts recommend noting down all the tasks and business requirements you need for the project in one file. This is helpful when you are looking for app developers, and you want to communicate the project details with them. The information can include:

  • The nature of your business.
  • The objective behind developing the application.
  • The number of features you’ll need in the application.
  • The answer to whether you need a standalone service like application design or full-cycle development.

Step 2 - Choose the most suitable model

As we mentioned before, you can choose from three hiring options when you want to develop an Android application. We always recommend business owners outsource the Android development process for the following reasons.

When you hire an Android app development company, you’ll have better access to a group of expert developers without hiring each developer individually.

Outsourcing app development companies also minimizes the project’s cost. Because, unlike in-house teams, you don’t have to bear the operational costs of an office.

Step 3 - Carry out technical interviews

Once you decide to work with an outsourcing partner, analyze the following criteria for finding the most suitable company for your project:

    • The outsourcing partner’s previous work history.
    • Their reviews on Clutch.
    • Lastly, check if they specialize in a technology stack or industry.

After this, you can start conducting technical interviews.

Step 4 - Finalize the agreement and sign the contract

In the technical interviews, you need to discuss:   

  • The project’s estimated cost.
  • The project’s timeline and milestones.
  • The number of developers and team members who will be working on the project.

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8 Tips On Hiring An Android developer?

1. Look for A proficient team Of Android app developers

The first thing you should look for when hiring a team of developers is the experience. Depending on the complexity of the application, you may need a junior, mid, or senior-level developer. Specialization can also have a pivotal role in the development process, so make sure to analyze that too.

2. Don’t make cost a primary focus

This is the common mistake appreneurs make. They hire a self-proclaimed cost-effective app development company, which delivers a poor-quality app.

Furthermore, the app they develop is a waste of both time and money. That’s why we always recommend avoiding such low-budget development companies. Instead, appreneurs should hire a team of Android developers that have experience in creating feature-rich and robust Android applications.

3. Check the portfolio

One way to check an outsourcing partner’s experience is through the past Android development projects they worked on. This will give you a clear understanding of their approach and the quality of work they deliver. So, the answer to how to hire an Android development company heavily depends on the past working portfolio.

One more reason why looking at the development company’s portfolio is a great strategy is the insights you get. You can go through their development team’s profile, their designing capabilities, and, most importantly, the average time they take to develop a project.

4. Ask about the knowledge Of open source platforms

Unlike iOS, Android is an open-source platform. This gives Android development an edge in terms of flexibility. Android developers leverage this flexibility and open-source platform to design applications that fit the user’s needs. So, make sure the developer is familiar with working with the open-source libraries.

5. Connect with the previous clients

Even if you have doubts after going through a development company’s profile, you can connect with their previous clients. When you connect with the development company’s previous clients, you’ll get to know the project’s feedback and if the final delivery matched their expectations.

You can get past clients’ information on either Clutch or LinkedIn.

6. Go for a reputed and certified company

Hiring a freelance Android developer might be a low-budget option, but it can cost your business in the long run. Freelancers work on their own schedule, so it’s challenging to get the work done on time continuously. Additionally, a freelancer works on multiple development projects at a time, so there’s no guarantee that they’ll prioritize your Android application project.

Hiring a reputed and certified Android app development company is the most reliable way to develop your Android application. Furthermore, when you collaborate with a certified app development company, you get a whole team of dedicated designers, testers, and coders.

7. Talk about NDA And Privacy Agreements

We always recommend appreneurs sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before working with an Android app development company. The NDA ensures the confidentiality of business information. Additionally, with an NDA in place, intellectual property rights are also secure.

8. Discuss the post development tasks and supports

Apart from the standard development services like designing, you should also inquire with the Android app development company about the post-release services such as app testing, bug fixing, support, and maintenance.

Wrapping Up - How to Hire an Android Development Company

So, the guide on how to hire the right Android development company concludes here. Remember to strike the right balance between experience, portfolio, and technological expertise.

And if you are making a business move and planning to invest in Android development, HOI Solutions is the right hub of developers. We have the balance between budget, expertise and experience. Plus, we want to impact the global business ecosystem with high-end Android apps.

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