30+ Inspiring WordPress Website Examples For Your Business

30+ Inspiring WordPress Website Examples For Your Business

WordPress, a versatile content management system (CMS), empowers the creation of blogs, eCommerce stores, and more. Despite its seemingly user-friendly interface, creating a WordPress website involves sifting through an overwhelming array of over 1 million themes, plugins, and customization options.

This is where our WordPress website design and development expertise comes in. In this blog post, we will list down the 30+ WordPress website examples. For your inspiration, we are going to put each of them under different categories, such as blog, eCommerce, business, and more. 

This list of exceptional WordPress websites serves as a source of inspiration, reflecting the epitome of design, usability, responsiveness, and optimal web performance. Let’s get into it!

+30 Inspiring WordPress Website Examples For Your Business 2

WordPress Website Examples Of Big Businesses

The main objective of a Business WordPress website is to look professional and minimal. This ultimately drives more customers to your site, meaning more sales. Let’s look at the five best WordPress website examples of big businesses.

1. Airstream

Airstream is a vehicle manufacturing company that sells travel trailers. In their website design, you can clearly see the look of a minimalistic aesthetic. Similarly, the images make up most of the space occupying the landing page.

There’s a reason for this combination. This design allows the user to unconsciously shift the visitor’s focus on Airstream’s product. The extra-size text, CTAs, and images all of these elements help the visitor understand their unique offerings and USP.

2. Sony Music

The emphasis of Sony Music’s website design is functionality and branding. The color scheme is straightforward, with shades of black, white, and red. All of these colors also fit with the brand’s logo.   

Its homepage also has other elements. There, you can see different logos, along with all the A-list artists they work with. All of these things combine to establish the authority of Sony Music as a global record label.

3. Tonal

Tonal is another impressive example of a WordPress website for businesses. Tonal basically offers smart home gym equipment. Their target audience is athletes and sports enthusiasts. So, every element on Tonal’s website reflects that, from the minimalistic design to the images. 

They also take a different approach. Instead of images, they use videos to showcase their products. Secondly, to establish credibility, they feature the brand ambassador and media reviews.

4. TeamViewer

If you want to look at a professional online business website, then TeamViewer is a great example. Each element on TeamViewer’s landing page focuses on providing visitors with valuable information that encourages them to make a purchase. 

On the page, you can see the company’s contact info along with a live chat window. Additionally, to build credibility, they feature users from prominent platforms such as TrustPilot.

5. aThemes

A business WordPress website should always have a clear, unique selling point or USP. This is WordPress 101! Like a physical storefront, people are only going to visit and purchase from your website if they find a solution to a particular problem they are having. 

aThemes is one of those business WordPress websites that does this brilliantly. aThemes is a WordPress theme development company that uses a multitude of elements, like larger pieces of text, to highlight the product’s benefits. It also has a CTA button to increase conversions.

WordPress Website Examples Of eCommerce Brands

WordPress plugins extend the functionality and features of an existing eCommerce website. Here, we are going to look at good examples of WordPress websites for eCommerce stores. We evaluate these sites based on the best design and shopping experience.

1. Wakami

Wakami is an eCommerce brand selling traditional bracelets. Their eCommerce WordPress website is a great example of a brand with strong social or environmental values. 

This comes in the fray when a potential visitor lands on your website. Once they see a brand has strong social values, they are more likely to make a purchase. 

Let’s analyze their homepage. There, you can see an image slider showcasing the brand’s products. Along with that, they also highlight their message about women’s empowerment in the slider.

2. Asheville Bee Charmer

Asheville Bee Charmer uses an eCommerce WordPress website to sell honey-based products. These include honey skincare products and candles. To match their brand’s unique offerings, they use a custom WordPress theme with an orange dominant color scheme. 

The navigation is another great feature of this Asheville’s website. It helps visitors find what they are looking for by presenting all the categories on the homepage.

3. Shop Catalog

Shop Catalog is an eCommerce brand that primarily sells stuff like books, apparel, and even scented candles. Their design focuses on reducing clutter with easy navigation on the site. 

Similarly, on Shop Catalog’s website, there’s also a single checkout page for improving the shopping experience. All of these elements make this a robust WordPress website example.

4. Nalgene

Nalgene is another impressive example of a website built with WordPress. They showcase the features of their products on the website’s landing page to increase sales. 

Apart from that, Nalgene’s website also has a banner that shows all the promotions and limited-time offers. This is a great strategy as it creates urgency, prompting visitors to purchase as soon as possible.

5. Art & Hue

Unlike other examples of WordPress websites on our list, Art & Hue takes a different approach. The online pop store uses a vivid design instead of a minimalistic aesthetic. This fits with their offerings. On the website, you can also see a blend of bright colors and typography. 

Similarly, Art & Hue doesn’t opt for colors to showcase their products. They only use a plain white background to make their products more visible. On their website’s product page, there’s another interesting element. It provides the art piece’s history to entice the visitors.

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WordPress Website Examples For Popular Blogs

Independent authors and bloggers use WordPress websites to create content with different plugins like Gutenberg block editor to make the whole content curation process easier. 

Here are the five best WordPress blog site examples:

1. Microsoft Blog

Even billion-dollar corporations create blog websites. These can be about informing existing or potential customers about products. Some companies also use blog websites to create brand awareness. 

Microsoft’s blog does exactly that. It has a separate WordPress blog website to write content introducing customer stories, community blogs, and other relevant stuff.  

They also use a multi-custom layout to showcase all the latest blog posts on the homepage. The layout size is bigger than usual to make the blog posts more prominent.

2. Austin Kleon

When we are talking about the best blog WordPress website examples, we have to include Austin Kleon. In case you don’t know, Austin Kleon is a best-selling author. On his blog, he shares his opinion on topics like public speaking. 

On Austin Kleon’s blog website, you will also notice that there aren’t categories. Every single blog post on Austin’s website can be found on a single page. 

Visitors only have to move through pages to find older posts. They also feature a search button to help visitors easily find the posts they are looking for.

3. Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum has a food blog where visitors get easy-to-make recipes. This food blog focuses on attracting home cooks. Secondly, since they feature a wide range of recipes, the design is built to help visitors navigate easily on the site. 

There’s another feature on Pinch Of Yum’s website, which you won’t find on other similar food blogs. They have an advanced search bar, so visitors can explore different cuisines using relevant keywords.

4. The Sartorialist

Here’s another WordPress blog website example you can take inspiration from if you want a site with a lot of images. Their website’s design conveys how fashion fits with daily life. 

There’s also minimal text on The Sartorialist’s website. They only use that on the post titles, category tags, and navigation buttons. However, this type of WordPress blog doesn’t go well with all businesses. 

Since they feature a lot of imagery, they are a fit for fashion, photography, or art websites.

5. MyFitnessPal Blog

MyFitnessPal is a food blog WordPress website. Their content is mostly about organic food recipes, weight loss guides, and more. MyFitnessPal website design is one of their standout elements. They seamlessly create a combination that balances both visuals and usability. 

There are other elements as well that you should experiment with on your own WordPress website blog. There’s a slider on the homepage where visitors can find trending articles. Along with that, the homepage also has a CTA button for newsletter subscriptions.

WordPress Website Examples For Membership Sites

In a typical membership website, you’ll get paywall-locked content. Now, to access this content, you’ll need to be a member or subscriber. Here are the five membership WordPress website examples to get inspiration.

1. Mark Manson

Mark Manson is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F&#K. On his membership blog website, he shares content about personal development. The website also serves as an EdTech platform where you can enroll in various courses by signing up. 

Similarly, to promote his upcoming books, he encourages his subscribers to sign up and get a free chapter of his book. This is a great strategy for a lead magnet, as members are getting exclusive content in exchange for their email addresses or phone numbers.

2. Quotes Cover

Quotes Cover is a WordPress website that provides visitors with memorable quotes from famous people. Basically, it works as a generative tool for curating captions for different social media platforms. 

On the homepage, visitors can see a prominent and bold CTA button that encourages them to take action. 

However, not all features of this website are free. As this is a membership website, visitors will have to go through a paywall to access premium features.

3. Pilates-ology

Pilatesology is a membership website that provides home workout classes. This is a great example of a website built with WordPress for video content. It offers downloadable class videos, which are only available to premium members.

Their landing page’s structure is also worth talking about. As soon as the visitor lands on the Pilatesology website, they will immediately see the subscription fee along with a free trial CTA button.

4. The British History Podcast

The British History Podcast

The British History Podcast is basically an exclusive archive website. It retells Britain’s history in audio format. Even though members can access a lot of the content for free, they’ll need to pay a premium to access a premium account. 

This exclusive content includes never-before-seen episodes and transcripts. Similarly, with premium access, visitors can also enjoy an ad-free listening experience.

5. Healthcare Business International

Healthcare Business Information is a great membership WordPress website example for inspiration if you want various types of content. On this website, visitors can find four membership packages, each of which comes with something valuable. 

That’s not all! Healthcare Business International’s website also works as a promotional launchpad for the company. Here, visitors get annual conference tickets and a digital interview permit.

WordPress Website Examples For News And Magazine Sites

Since WordPress provides users with the option to create blog categories, it fits with news and magazine websites. Here are the 5 best news and magazine WordPress website examples.  

1. Tech Crunch

Let’s start our list of 5 best news and magazine WordPress website examples with TechCrunch. If you don’t know, TechCrunch is one of the most-read tech news and review websites globally. That’s why, on its website design, you’ll see a column layout that includes multiple news stories. 

Additionally, TechCrunch intentionally uses bold typography to grab the visitor’s attention. However, adding large chunks of text on the website can turn away the visitor from the site. To get around this issue, TechCrunch uses a minimal design and color scheme to ensure the homepage is easy to read.


TIME magazine’s website is a classic example of how to curate a simple design layout. You’ll also notice that they segment their articles under different sections on the homepage like Most Read and Spotlight Story. 

Secondly, the TIME magazine website also uses relevant imagery in every post to provide more context to the story.

3. Vogue

Similar to TechCrunch, Vogue is one of the most-read fashion magazines globally. Since they are a fashion magazine, the design is straightforward, with a focus on images as a visual element. 

Another reason why we highly rate this as a news and magazine WordPress website example is because of its black-and-white color scheme. 

Now, the black and white color can look easy but is quite difficult to pull off. Overdoing it can give the impression of a dull and vintage website.

4. The Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stone is a popular magazine website with everything relating to music and pop culture. 

Since The Rolling Stone’s target audience is mostly teenagers and young adults, they use a bold website design. It has a retro theme with a color scheme and typography resembling an old newspaper. 

Additionally, they don’t use buttons. Instead, the site replaces buttons with text for navigation elements.

5. Crack Magazine

Crack magazine is an independent publication on music and pop culture. They incorporate a lot of imagery to showcase featured articles on top of the homepage.

As the visitor scrolls down, they can also see a multi-column layout on a white background.

WordPress Website Examples For Agency Sites

Here are the top 5 agency WordPress website examples you can take inspiration from. 

1. Portent

The first agency WordPress website example on our list is Portent. Agencies rely on establishing credibility to get more customers. Portent does a remarkable job in this by showcasing its unique offerings and client testimonials on the homepage. 

Additionally, when the visitor wants to find in-depth information about a service, they click the Learn More button. To grab the visitor’s attention, Portent utilizes a user-friendly website design with minimal images.

2. Nove

Nove features a minimal and sophisticated design. That’s one of the reasons we chose it as an agency WordPress website example. They also maintain a balance between full-screen videos and images to fill the site’s background.  

Nova doesn’t follow the traditional approach when it comes to the color scheme. Where most brands use vivid shades for menu and navigation buttons, Nova uses only white.

3. Ruya

Ruya is a leading digital marketing agency based in Dubai. If you want inspiration for a WordPress website that has a balance of both usability and user experience, then you should have a look at their website.  

Ruya takes creativity one step ahead. It features a flat design illustration that doubles into the navigation menu.

4. North Star Inbound

North Start Inbound content marketing agency left no untouched on their website design. In the site’s background, they use a starry night sky illustration, which fits perfectly with the company’s visual identity. 

Secondly, they also distribute the color scheme intelligently. On the website, visitors see bright shades, which help in differentiating between different elements, like buttons.

5. Bop Design

Bop Design is basically a B2B content marketing agency. They offer clients professional web design and branding services. One prominent feature on their website is the color transitions when the visitors land on the homepage. 

Bop design also makes good use of the custom columns. On one side of the feature, compare the older version of the client’s website and the newer one on the other side.


There’s no doubt that WordPress makes creating a website incredibly easy. However, this is also where the paradox of choice arrives. With millions of themes, plugins, and layouts to choose from, how can you choose one that fits your website? 

That’s not it! The website design should also reflect your branding and target demographic. 

HOI Solutions takes that burden off you. You tell us about your brand’s values and offerings, and we will transform those into a fully functioning WordPress website.

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Is WordPress good for websites?

Yes, WordPress is an excellent choice for building websites due to its user-friendly interface, vast customization options, and large community offering support and resources. It’s suitable for various types of sites, from blogs to eCommerce, making it a versatile and widely used platform.

What is WordPress used for?

WordPress is primarily used as a content management system (CMS) for creating websites, including blogs, business websites, eCommerce stores, portfolios, forums, and more. Its flexibility and extensive plugin ecosystem make it adaptable to diverse online needs.

How to start with WordPress?

To begin with WordPress, you can sign up on WordPress.com or download the WordPress software from WordPress.org. Follow the setup instructions, choose a hosting provider, install WordPress, select a theme, and begin creating content or customizing your site using its intuitive interface.


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