How To Hire A Shopify Development Company?

How To Hire A Shopify Development Company

The present-day retail industry has gone through a revolutionary shift in the past 15 years. According to Statista, the revenue in the eCommerce market in the United States is expected to continuously increase between 2023 and 2027 by a total of 551.9 billion U.S. dollars.

As your eCommerce brand continues to expand, it’s only natural that you will encounter a variety of challenges along the way. To proactively address and overcome these issues, it’s crucial to consider enlisting the services of a reputable Shopify development company.

Why Do You Need To Hire A Shopify Development Company?

Hiring a Shopify web development company can be beneficial for several reasons, especially if you are looking to create, enhance, or maintain an online store using the Shopify platform. Here are some key reasons why you might consider hiring a Shopify app development company:

1. User Experience

User experience is the defining factor in a successful Shopify store. Similarly, to improve the user experience, you’ll have to customize the store according to the target audience’s needs which can only be achieved by an expert.

2. Time-Saving Approach

When you are operating an eCommerce, you’ll have to multitask a lot of the stuff. Hiring a Shopify eCommerce development company will help you save time so you only focus on the most crucial aspects of the business. 

The outsourcing team will handle all the tedious tasks and update you accordingly.

3. Delivery Of Quality Work

A Shopify web development company will deliver you quality work because of their experience in the industry. The outsourcing company will also have all the relevant talent for your brand’s success.

4. Help With the Store’s Changing Requirements

eCommerce is one of the fastest-evolving industries globally. Consumer demands are always changing, and a Shopify development company is aware of those changing trends. 

They’ll make changes to your Shopify store, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

5. Powerful Brand Reputation

Adding functionality to the Shopify store has a positive impact on your brand’s reputation. Customers today have millions of options around them, and that’s why an eCommerce store with poor performance will never sustain itself in this cut-throat industry. 

Hiring a Shopify eCommerce development company will ensure your consumers get a top-tier experience when they make a purchase.

6. Effective Marketing

It’s not enough to create a Shopify store; you’ll need the help of an expert to promote it across all digital channels. The experience of Shopify will come in handy since they are familiar with all the trending marketing strategies.

7. SEO Optimization

Most of the sales a Shopify store generates are through search engines like Google and Bing. A Shopify expert will optimize your store according to the best SEO practices, getting your higher search engine rankings in the process.

What Services Do Shopify Development Companies Offer?

Not all Shopify development companies provide the same level of services. Some outsourcing agencies offer full-cycle Shopify development services, whereas some might only offer you a stand-alone service.

Shopify development companies typically offer the following services:

1. Full-Cycle Shopify Website Development Services

In a full-cycle of Shopify store development services, you get everything ranging from the store’s initial setup to after-sales support.

2. Shopify Setup Services

In a Shopify setup service, the Shopify development team will provide you with all the features needed for the store’s initial development, like the store’s theme and layout design.

3. Shopify Integration Services

A growing eCommerce business needs extended functionality through third-party payment integrations and APIs.

4. Shopify Theme Design Services

You can hire a Shopify developer to create or improve the existing UI/UX elements on your storefront. As you may already know, an attractive storefront brings in more customers for your brand.

5. Shopify Migration Solution Service

Shopify migration services enable you to shift your existing store from eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Wix, or Magento to Shopify. The experts will help you with data migration, transferring web pages, and SEO migration.

6. Shopify Support And Maintenance Services

Your store will face issues down the road, and you’ll need to hire a Shopify team that provides top-tier support and maintenance services. This service will also improve the store’s user experience and customer retention rates.

7. Shopify Testing Services

Bugs can find a way through your store’s backend. Hiring Shopify testing services will ensure that your Shopify store is bug and error-free before going live on the platform.

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12 Steps To Hire The Right Shopify Development Company

When you are looking to hire a Shopify web development company, here are all the things you need to discuss and analyze before the project starts:

1. Determine The Project’s Requirements

  • The nature of your eCommerce business, like the products or services you are offering.
  • The services you’ll need for the project such as full-cycle development services or Shopify migration services.
  • The project’s deadline, along with the measurable outcomes you want for the eCommerce store.
  • The development budget you want to invest.

2. Set Attainable Objectives

When you are hiring a Shopify expert, you’ll have to make your project’s objective clear. You’ll also need to ensure that the goals you are setting are attainable within the project’s development framework. When the Shopify developer has all the goals, your eCommerce store will be directed throughout the project.

3. Employing Models

Ask the development company what employment models they are offering. For instance, you can hire the whole company’s whole development team or pick specific specialists for certain tasks.

4. Participation Model

To hire the best Shopify development services, look to hire a Shopify web developer who has flexible engagement offerings. These engagement models are custom-made according to your requirements. Typical engagement models include:

  • Fixed price model.
  • Hourly-based mode.

5. Establish Your Budget

The most common mistake eCommerce brand owners make is exceeding their development budgets. That’s why you should always ask for a cost estimate before signing any contract.

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6. Selecting Reporting Tools

As the website’s development progresses, you’ll need reports and analytics to gauge the project’s direction. Ask the Shopify developer about the reporting tools they’ll provide you with for tracking traffic and sales.

7. Project Schedule

Having a project schedule in place will help you and the outsourcing team keep the project on track. Once you send them all the requirements, ask them the expected deadline for the final delivery. Also, ensure that you break down the project’s development into smaller phases or milestones.

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8. Payment Program

The development company you’ll hire will provide you with a payment program after going through all the requirements. Negotiate with them on the payment options and also communicate your company’s policies to avoid any misunderstanding during the development process.

9. Conduct A Consultation

It’s always recommended to get an in-person consultation with the development team. If that isn’t possible, then you should at least schedule a team call with them. During the call, you assess if the Shopify development company is the right fit for your project or not. You’ll also have a chance to understand the level of expertise they possess in the industry. 

10. Take A Sample Test Project

We recommend eCommerce brand owners request a sample test before finalizing a company for the project. Through the test, you’ll be able to check if they can fulfill your project’s scope and requirements.

11. Project Management Approach

Analyze the development team’s project management style before hiring them. The channel they will be used for providing updates and their communication abilities will all play a crucial role as you move ahead through the development.

12. View The Portfolio And Reviews

Going through the Shopify development team’s previous rating and feedback is another way to understand their experience and approach toward the project. This evaluation will give you precise information about the outsourcing Shopify company’s profile, professionalism, and working competency.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Shopify Web Developer?

How much does it cost to hire a Shopify expert? Well, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, we can give you a ballpark before you hire a Shopify development expert.

Typically, most Shopify experts charge on an hourly basis. Similarly, the hourly rates can vary depending on the level of experience you want for your Shopify store. In the United States and Canada, Shopify developers cost around $50/hour. These rates can go up to $150/hour for expert-level developers.

However, the rates of Shopify experts in Eastern countries, especially the countries from Asia, have comparatively lower rates.

You can easily hire a skilled Shopify developer from Asia for less than $25/hour. As the expert Shopify developers in Asia, you can expect to pay $50/hour.

Here are the starting rates of Shopify developers you’ll find on different freelance marketplaces.

  • Beginner: $15/hour
  • Intermediate: $33/hour
  • Expert: $95/hour

However, HOI business experts don’t recommend hiring freelancers for Shopify development because of the following reasons:

  • They work according to their own schedule, which becomes a problem when you need constant communication with them.
  • Freelance doesn’t always deliver quality work as they are working on multiple projects at a time.
  • Hiring a freelancer isn’t a feasible decision when you want to hire a pool of talent for development.

To overcome this hurdle, we recommend eCommerce brand owners hire a development team like HOI Solutions which has been working in the eCommerce industry since 2018, helping over +230 clients start their own Shopify stores.


Shopify experts add tremendous value to your business and are worth every cent you invest in them. In this article, we gave you an in-depth overview of how to hire a Shopify development company

We also provided you with clarity about why hiring a Shopify development company like HOI Solutions is the most suitable option for creating your Shopify store instead of choosing cheap and low-quality freelancers.

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What services does your Shopify development company offer?

We offer a wide range of services, including Shopify store setup, theme customization, app integration, performance optimization, and ongoing support.

How long does it take to develop a Shopify store?

The time required depends on the complexity of the project. A basic setup can be done in a few weeks, while a highly customized store may take a few months.

Do I need technical knowledge to use a Shopify store developed by your company?

No, Shopify is user-friendly, and we provide training to help you manage your store. You don’t need to be a technical expert.

Can you design a custom theme for my Shopify store?

Absolutely! We offer custom Shopify web design services to give your store a unique and branded appearance.


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