62 Game Development Ideas For Entrepreneurs

62 Game Development Ideas For Entrepreneurs

The gaming industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Gaming entrepreneurs and startups need to come up with unique game development ideas to stand out in the industry. Fortunately, technologies like cloud gaming, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and virtual reality provide a creative space for game developers to experiment and design a distinctive playing experience.

When you look at the numbers, the video game industry is a whopping $200 billion, that’s more than the music and film industry combined. This means there are plenty of revenue-making opportunities for anyone looking to dive into this industry.

If you are an existing or aspiring technopreneur planning to invest in the gaming industry, here are 62 ideas for game development services to help you take your next step. 

Action Games

In action games, players undergo challenges requiring tactical skills, high-reaction speed, and good hand-eye coordination. Action games also include other challenges like races or collecting objects.

To develop action games, you will need to create a virtual world (especially if exploration is a major element), multiple levels based on difficulty, and in-game rewards.

Platformer Games

In these games, the characters only interact with the platforms, like running or jumping. One classic example of platformer games is Super Mario Bros., While other platformer game development ideas like Subway Surfers and Temple Run have also been hugely successful.

Fighting Games

Fighting games mostly focus on hand-to-hand combat. This game genre became popular in the 90s and is still going strong. In most fighting games, the player gets a stable of playable, each having their fighting style and unique combinations. Popular examples of fighting games include Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter II.

Beat 'Em Up Games

Beat ’em up games are similar to fighting games, but instead of combat with a single opponent at a time, the players face a wave of enemies one after another. The genre started with Double Dragons, while modern beat ’em up games include God of War and Castle Crashers.

Stealth Games

Stealth action games focus more on precision to solve game challenges. Moreover, in other combat games, the action helps you accomplish the goal but in stealth games, the players need to complete missions covertly. The Metal Gear series is one of the most popular stealth gaming franchises.

Game Development Ideas 2

Best Mobile Action Game Ideas

1) Platformer Games like Super Mario Run

2) Fighting games like Mortal Kombat

3) Beat ’em up games like Shadow Of Death

4) Stealth games like Space Marshalls 2

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Adventure Games

Adventure game development ideas offer players a combination of storytelling, exploration, and puzzle-solving. To be more precise, adventure games are a puzzle in a narrative or story format. In the game, the player unlocks each piece of the story one level at a time, and the more levels they pass, the more complex the puzzle gets.

If you want to develop an adventure game, you need to incorporate the basic elements needed for this genre, including characters and environments. You will also need to make the game cross-platform compatible, so it works seamlessly on iOS and Android.

First-Person Action-Adventure Games

In this game genre, the player is provided a first-person perspective and the game focuses on constant action instead of solving puzzles and obstacles. These games are also known as Real Time Adventure Games or RTAs. Metroid Prime is one of the popular games in this genre.

Third-Person Action Adventure Games

In third-person action-adventure games, the gameplay is from a third-person perspective, so it’s a mix of combat and story plot solving. One of the most popular games of all time, Grand Theft Auto, is also a third-person action-adventure game while classics like Rune, Severance, and Blade Of Darkness also belong to this category.

Isometric Platform Games

In this game genre, the player uses an isometric projection and three-dimensional gameplay to explore the game’s virtual world. They give the impression of a 3D environment through an isometric angle. Some common examples include Knight Lore and Sonic 3D: Flickies’ Island.

Sandbox Games

Sandbox games are one of the most lucrative game development ideas. In the sandbox genre, the players can explore non-linear gameplay in an open world. The Legend of Zelda, Grand Theft Auto, and Assassin’s Creed are some of the best-selling sandbox games ever.

Platform Adventure Games

Platform adventure games focus on both exploration and puzzles in the gameplay. Metroidvania games are a type of platform adventure game.

Best Mobile Adventure Game Ideas

5) Fantasy games like Tower Of Fantasy

6) Story games like Beholder

7) Dramatic story games like The Walking Dead

8) Mystery story games like White Night

Role-Playing Games (RPGs)

Roleplaying games originate from pen-and-paper games like Dungeons And Dragons.

In their contemporary format, RPG games use artificial intelligence to decide the course of the character’s journey. There is also a new form of RPG games that are getting popular, known as massively multiplayer online RPGs or MMORPGs.

To develop a role-playing game, you must create a virtual world where the characters can make quests. You will also need to create unique characters, along with computer algorithms that offer choices to those characters.

Platform Adventure Games

In a single-player RPG, the gameplay is seen from one perspective. The player can create their avatars and add characteristics for them. Since there are so many paths inside the game, the player experiences something new every time. The Witcher series, Dark Souls, and Elden Ring are all Single player RPG games.

Massive Multiplayer Online RPG Games

Massive multiplayer online RPGs have become a phenomenon in e-sports. They feature epic showdowns and battles between different teams. Fortnite, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends are some of the most-played MMOGs ever.

Action RPGs

In action role-playing games, the focus is more on the battles than the story. Mass Effect and Dark Souls is one great example of a thrilling action roleplaying game.

Sandbox RPGs

Sandbox role-playing games are known for being complex. They also deliver the most hours of gameplay because of the open-world maps. The Assassins Creed and Red Dead Redemption series are all sandbox roleplaying games.

Tactical RPGs

Tactical role-playing games rely heavily on strategy and take inspiration from other tabletop games like Risk.

Roguelike RPGs

In Roguelike roleplaying, you will find a dungeon-crawler character who faces complex hurdles and even permanent death. Caves of Qud and Darkest Dungeon are all Roguelike RPGs.

Best Role-Playing Mobile Game Ideas

9) Single-player RPGs like Questland

10) Massive multiplayer online RPG games like Albion Online

11) Action RPGs like Dynasty Legends 2

12) Sandbox RPGs like X Survive

13) Tactical RPGs like Universe Warrior Evolution

14) Roguelike RPGs like Onebit Adventure

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Simulation Games

As the name suggests, simulation games are a simulation of real-world activities. One core element of these games is realism, whether in graphics or the overall gameplay.

Gaming entrepreneurs can use modern technologies, like AR and VR, to enhance that feeling of realism in the gameplay. They can also incorporate Artificial Intelligence, enabling the game to make automatic decisions without the player’s effort.

Construction & Management Games

Construction and management simulation game development ideas provide players with gameplay that focuses on building fictional communities. The management includes everything from maintaining resources to implementing law and order. The Sims series and Cities Skyline are the most popular community management games.

Business & Management Games

Business and management games are similar to community-building games but provide the player with running a business simulation. Sports management games also fall into this category, such as Football Manager.

Life Simulation Games

In life simulation games, the player controls the life of a virtual character, making life decisions for them. In these games, they get multiple options for each action they take, and their choice will decide their character’s future. The Sims and Second Life are great examples of life simulation games.

Vehicle Simulation Games

Vehicle simulation games only cover running a vehicle, like planes, trains, or trucks. These kinds of games simulate flights and even learn car parking. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a popular example in this category.

Vehicle Simulation Games

Most general simulations focus on different aspects of an occupation, such as simulating medical practice with a Surgeon Simulator.

Best Mobile Simulation Game Ideas

15) Real estate investment games like Landlord Go

16) Stock exchange investment games like UpDown: Play Investing

17) Crypto investment games like Cryptomania

18) Corporate theme games like Office Fever

19) Entrepreneurship games like Tycoon Business Simulator

20) Professional development games like Elevate

Strategy Games

In strategy games, the players rely on their decision-making skills instead of the game’s autonomous algorithm. 

If you want to develop a strategic game, you must incorporate an internal decision tree-style system at the game’s backend. You will also need to create environments to help players explore the game.

Abstract Strategy Games

Abstract strategy games are straightforward and don’t give players random elements or hidden information. Chess, Draughts, and Sequence are examples of abstract strategy games.

Team Strategy Games

In a team strategy game, two teams constantly change their offensive and defensive skills as the game’s dynamic progresses. These kinds of games are known to develop skills used in business; one prime example is Poker, where the player has to conceal as much information as possible about his next move.

War Games

War games are a simulation of military conquests. Depending on the era in which these fictional wars take place, the player will have to strategize military tactics to overcome the enemy. These games can also be both in first-person perspective and third-person perspective. One great example of a strategy war game is Clash Of Clans.

Best Mobile Strategy Game Ideas

21) Galaxy and space war games like Infinite Galaxy

22) Real-time strategy games like Rusted Warfare

23) Real-world character games like WWE Mayhem

24) Team strategy games like Rebel Inc.

Sports Games

Sports games are one of the most popular game development niches globally. That’s why we recommend all gaming entrepreneurs invest in this category. 

In a sports game, the players receive a simulation of the physical sport. For example, in a football video game, you will choose a team of 11 players and play a match with the same rules that apply in a real football match.

For developing a sports game, you will first have to choose a specific sport you want to develop your game around. Some sports games cost less, like archery games, while developing a medium-level football game can cost you over $100,000.

Team Sports Games

In a team sports video game, the players compete with their teammates to achieve a goal. Games like FIFA and NFL Maiden fall under this category as they attempt to recreate the authenticity of playing a live game.

Racing Games

In a racing video game, players must control a vehicle as it competes with other cars on a racetrack. The core objective of a racing video game is to reach the finish line first. However, some games like Subway Surfers fall under this category even though they don’t recreate the traditional racing experience. Other examples of racing games include the Fonza and Need For Speed series.

Fighting Sports Games

Combat sports games include boxing, MMA, and wrestling video games fall into this category. These games have grown exponentially recently, especially since the rise of combat game franchises like the UFC series. Other examples of fighting games include the WWE’s 2K video game series.

Individual Sports Games

Unlike team sports, these game development ideas don’t require a team alongside the player to compete. Skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing games are all part of this genre. One of the most popular individual sports games of all time is the Tony Hawk series based on the skateboarding legend himself.

Game Development Ideas 1

Best Mobile Sports Game Ideas

25) Animal racing games like Crazy Animal Race

26) Horse racing games like Champion Horse Racing

27) Running games like Temple Run and Talking Tom Gold Run

28) Car racing games like Asphalt 9 and Car X Rally

29) Team-building games like FIFA Soccer

30) Archery games like Archery Battle 3D

31) Football games like Dream League Soccer

32) Cricket games like Cricket League

33) Bowling games like 3D bowling

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First-Person Shooter Games

A first-person shooter game or FPS is a game genre played from the point of view of the game’s central character. FPS games normally come in two types of modes, one is the mission and the other one is the multiplayer mode. The player goes through multiple levels to reach an ultimate goal in both modes.

Gaming entrepreneurs looking to develop an FPS would need crucial elements for this genre. These elements include different gameplay levels, characters and the game’s virtual world.

Battle Royale Games

Battle royale games provide players with deathmatch gameplay. In a battle royale, you can play both as a solo player and within a squadron. The ultimate goal in these games is to be the last person or team standing amongst all other players within the session. Battle Royale games have become a raging success with the success of Fortnite, PUBG, and the Call Of The Duty franchise.

Online FPS Games

Online first-person shooter games provide players with a solo or multiplayer gameplay mode. However, as the name is self-explanatory, you need an internet connection for the gameplay. Online FPS games have a global fan base and are commonly featured in esports tournaments. One prime example of an online FPS game is Valorant.

Tactical FPS Games

In a tactical FPS game, the gameplay focuses more on tactical combat than hit-and-run. In tactical FPS games, the core element is strategy and stealth, including saving hostages or defusing bombs. Games like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Siege fall under this category.

Best Mobile First-Person Shooter Game Ideas

34) Battle Royale games like Bullet League

35) Online FPS games like Shadowgun Legends

36) Tactical FPS games like Farlight 84

Survival And Horror Games

In the survival and horror genre, the video game uses resource management and plot solving in a horror-themed game environment. There have been some iconic games in this genre, like Resident Evil, Clock Tower, and Alone in the Dark.

The game development requirements for this genre can range from basic to complex. That’s why we recommend that gaming entrepreneurs invest in a game development services company that can take their mobile game development ideas and build a product that delivers an impact in the industry.

Survival Horror Games

Survival horror is one of the fastest-growing game genres because of its thrilling gameplay. Survival horror game elements include resource scarcity, rationing ammo, or collecting other necessary items for survival. Silent Hill, Alan Wake, and Until Dawn are iconic games in the survival horror genre.

Stealth Horror Games

Stealth horror is similar to survival horror but the enemy is chasing you instead of you solving puzzles to find them. In these games, the player can only sneak and hide to avoid the game’s antagonist. Dark Descent, Outlast, and Alien Isolation are all stealth horror games.

Psychological Horror Games

In the psychological horror genre, the gameplay’s main feature is not the visuals but the effect of the narrative on the audience. Similarly, in a horror game, the central character starts questioning aspects of himself instead of chasing off a monster. Silent Hill 2 is considered one of the best games in the category.

Best Mobile Survival And Horror Game Ideas

37) Zombie-themed games like Dead Trigger 2

38) Halloween games like Five Night At Freddy’s

39) Psychological horror games like Psicosis

40) Survival horror games like Granny

Educational Games

Educational games are now becoming a regular part of the curriculum globally, helping students learn complex theoretical concepts. These games are also making education accessible in underprivileged countries. From a new language to vocabulary building, people from all groups are learning everything through educational games.

Educational games are cost-effective and can keep users hooked. You can also integrate sponsored ads and premium features into your educational games for monetization.

Mental Health Games

People are getting more aware of mental health issues. Through mental health games, the players can learn about mental health disorders, like depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety, in a fun and interactive way. My Oasis, Omori, and Gris are all mental health games.

Science Learning Games

Educators and parents are now using science learning games to get the young generation interested in scientific knowledge. These games simplify complex concepts for the users, creating an interactive and engaging learning process. Play And Learn Science, and Reverse The Odds are prime examples of science learning games.

STEM Learning Games

Students today need STEM education to learn coding and cloud computing skills. With STEM games, educators are now finding it easier to teach students these skills with more engagement. Games like Gizmos, Gadgets, and Plugo are all STEM-based learning games.

Vocabulary Building Games

Vocabulary-building games now give people opportunities, especially in underdeveloped areas, to learn basic reading and writing. Through these games, the students can improve their grip on their native language and learn a completely new one. Word Crush and Word Feud are some of the most popular vocabulary-building games.

Game Development Ideas 3

Best Mobile Educational Game Ideas

41) Science learning games like STEM Buddies: Science For Kids

42) Quantum computing games like QuantumQ: Circuit Puzzle

43) STEM games like codeSpark: Coding For Kids

44) Lawyer games like Argument Wars and Devil’s Attorney

45) Medical games like Heart’s Medicine

46) A relaxing game like Infinity Loop

47) Meditation games like Oasis

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AR And VR Games

In augmented reality or AR, the player gets a mix of both integration of virtual game elements and using the player’s physical environment. VR and AR gaming does this using sensors such as cameras and microphones.

However, there is one distinct difference in VR gaming: the player wears a headset to experience virtual reality. Pokémon Go, Jurassic World Alive, and other similar games use AR and VR gaming technology.

Real-Time Strategy VR Games

Real-time strategy VR games provide the same experience as mobile strategy games, only with VR technology. The VR technology makes the gameplay more realistic for the players. Take inspiration from games such as Final Assault and Catan VR for your game development ideas.

Multiplayer VR Games

Multiplayer VR games take the virtual gaming experience to a whole different level. In these games, you can explore an immersive environment alongside your friends through hyper-realistic virtual reality. Games like HoloGrid, Monster Battle, and Twilight Pioneers can provide inspiration to anyone that wants to explore this category.

Best Mobile AR And VR Game Ideas

48) Teleporting games like Skyrim VR

49) AR strategy games like Knightfall

50) Horror games like Dark: Subject One

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are simplistic but keep the players hooked for hours. These games typically include a series of puzzles based on a single theme like pattern recognition or logic. The puzzle genre also includes cards, trivia, and rhythm games.

Gaming entrepreneurs who want to develop a game on a minimal budget should consider developing puzzle games. Similarly, puzzle games don’t require other elements like characters or environments.

Board And Card Games

Board games and card games are among the most downloaded mobile games. These games also provide players with rules to follow during gameplay. Card and board games like Scrabble, Chess, and Monopoly are now dominating the industry as they once did with the physical variants.

Trivia Games

Trivia games are perfect for knowledge buffs. In these games, the players compete in quizzes against people worldwide. The players can also choose whichever topic they like for the competition, such as pop culture, science, or maths. Trivia Crack, and Trivia 360, are some of the most popular games in this genre.

Casino Games

Casino games are the digital versions of Poker, Black Jack, and others. To increase the stakes in the gameplay, they often allow the players to use real money or virtual currency. Big Fish Casino and Jackpot Party Casino are popular games in this category.

Party Games

Like casino and card games, these games offer players the chance to play games like Beer Pong on their smartphones. Other party mobile games include Heads Up! and Dance Now.

Rhythm Games

Rhythm games emphasize the use of music to engage the players. The players typically press a button based on the music’s beat or note. Arcaea and Demmo are a few examples of Rhythm-based games.

Best Mobile Card And Board Game Ideas

51) Board games like Ludo Club

52) Card games like Solitaire

53) Trivia games like Trivia Crack

54) Casino games like Club Vegas Slots

55) Party games like Out Of The Loop

56) Rhythm games like Beat Blade

Play-To-Earn Games

Play-to-earn games are getting popular because valuable in-game assets like cryptocurrency are included. Unlike traditional games, these assets also hold real-world value and players can transfer them to their real-world accounts.

These games use blockchain technology at the game’s backend to enable cryptocurrency exchange among players. It should be noted that play-to-earn games are difficult to develop and only experienced game development services can design them for you.

NFT Games

NFT games take the concept of virtual assets one step further. In these games, the players can use their characters or avatar as tokens, which they can sell whenever they want. Axie Infinity and League Of Kingdoms are an example of NFT-based games.

Crypto Games

As the name suggests, users play these games to get rewarded in cryptocurrency. The players can then sell their rewards in the real world with either real money or virtual currency. Similarly, most of these games are task-based, meaning players earn rewards after completing an assigned task. Binemon and Skyweaver are two of the most popular crypto games.

Best Mobile Play-To-Earn Game Ideas

57) Gift card game apps like Brain Battle

58) Lottery game apps like Keno

59) Cash-based play to earn games like Crazy Defense Heroes

60) Crypto games like Galaxy Fight Club

61 NFT games like The Sandbox

62) Web3 games like Crypto Dragons


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