23 iOS App Ideas For Your Startups

23 iOS App Ideas For Your Startups

Apple has been able to create a loyal fanbase in the past decade with a 20.22% market share. This is one of the reasons why iOS users are known to spend more on premium features in comparison to Android or Microsoft. Appreneurs can capitalize on this growing success by creating a robust and scalable iOS app. 

Don’t know where to start? This article will list the 23 best iOS app development ideas for your startup.

So, let’s begin!

23 iOS App Ideas For Startups

1. Expense Tracker App

Financial independence and entrepreneurship are all of these concepts that have made users financially literate. Because of this shift, this has been a growth in demand for expense-tracking apps. The expense tracking app you’ll create will assist the users in managing their expenses according to the day, month, or year.

Parents will find this app productive as it will easily show them how to divide their monthly budget. Similarly, you can add other features to this app, like video tutorials showing budget management tips. 

Appreneurs can add a fermium monetization model in this app where the users get basic features for free and have to pay an amount for using the paid features. To make the most out of this app idea we recommend hiring a professional iOS app development services expert.

2. Books Selling App

Even though eBook readers like the Kindle were launched to replace physical books, the reverse is happening. This is why physical books are now breaking sales records globally. You can grab the opportunity and develop an iOS app where users can browse from a collection of books and order those at their doorstep.

The target audience for this app can be both bookworms who are constantly ordering books or academic students looking for course materials.

Furthermore, you can add other helpful features in this app, like a scanning feature where users scan the barcode on the booklover, and the app shows them all the listings for that book nearby.

The revenue model for these kinds of iPhone apps ideas is similar to an eCommerce business. You’ll only need multiple suppliers to ship the order whenever a customer purchases.

3. Recipe App

People are now becoming more health conscious, opting for fresh homemade meals. Appreneurs can transform this trend into an iOS app idea by creating a recipe app. In this product, you can add food video tutorials and resources for the users.

Home chefs, especially mothers, are the core target audience for these kinds of apps. You can also niche down and target this app for college students needing budget-friendly recipes.

For the revenue model, you choose a monthly subscription plan. In the subscription plan, you can offer users cooking courses and cookbooks in eBook format.

4. Messaging or Chat App

WeChat and WhatsApp, all of these are a testament to the success of messaging or chat apps. Even though there are big players in the industry, you can grab a market share by targeting a niche market, like African Americans or Latinos. Furthermore, develop a chat app where the users can find features relevant to their niche.

To take things up a notch, you can add cool features like photo editing inside the application to increase your chances of success. Most chat apps are available on the App Store and earn through in-app ads; you can choose the revenue model for your app.

5. Social Network App

Social media has been one of the most revolutionary ideas of this century, with platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat becoming multi-billion dollar companies. 

Since the popularity is still growing, you can create the next big social networking app. To achieve this, you can target a niche and analyze how your social media app can add value to those users.

We recommend targeting Gen-Z for your social media app. This age group has a particular liking for short videos and image filters. Apart from these features, you can also analyze your competitors’ strategy for targeting this segment.

6. To-Do List App

Distractions are everywhere these days, and because of these distractions, it’s now becoming difficult to keep track of things. A to-do list with a user-friendly interface would help people manage their daily, weekly, or monthly tasks much more effectively.

Furthermore, the ideal target audience for this iOS app is working professionals or entrepreneurs. You can also add a two-way reminder feature in this app in which two or more people receive a reminder simultaneously. 

As for the monetization model, you can keep the application free to download on the App Store and run sponsored ads to generate income.

7. The News App

People find it challenging to find the newest trends and news in their industry. This creates a demand for applications that provide daily information about a specific niche, like ESPN for sports news. We recommend Appreneurs create a new app for artificial intelligence.

Many people are looking for updates on this industry, which can result in huge traffic for your application. Similarly, you can add features like AI event updates to increase user engagement.

Appreneurs can earn income from this app through sponsored ads. Along with the sponsored ads, they can also create a fermium revenue model for the app.

8. eCommerce App

iOS App ideas

eCommerce has proven to be one of the most sustainable businesses of the past 30 years, and Amazon’s trillion-dollar market is proof of that. Similarly, niche eCommerce, like Etsy, has also grown tremendously. Appreneurs can develop an eCommerce business where customers can buy or sell their products.

To get around the competition, you can target a specific niche with a decent demand to capture the market. Think about creating an iOS application where users can buy sports gear. You can also add other features like gift cards to increase your chances of scaling the business.

There are two revenue models for eCommerce stores. You can either list your own inventory of products or allow third-party sellers to list on your platform for a monthly subscription fee.

9. The Around Me App

The app will show you a table view containing categories such as Coffee shops, Gas Stations, Restaurants, etc. –

People who travel frequently find it difficult to search for a specific place nearby, like coffee shops, gas stations, or restaurants. Even though Apple Maps provides the user with all of these recommendations, it’s still inefficient because of internet connectivity.

You can develop an iOS app where users can find the complete directory of a city in offline mode. With this, they can look for any place they want nearby without having the need for an internet connection.

Third-party service providers can pay a monthly subscription fee for listing their shop in your directory. You can also license the iOS to city councils to generate profit.

10. Music Streaming App

Anyone can listen to music for free, right? However, piracy is robbing artists of their deserving income. You can develop an iOS where the users pay the platform monthly fees for original content. Looking at the music industry right now, this iOS app idea can become a change-maker!

Furthermore, in this business model, there is a win-win situation for all parties involved. The users are paying for listening to original content, and the artist is getting a percentage of what their music earns from streams. Whereas you, as the app’s creator, will also get a huge chunk of those earnings.

11. Weather App

For people who are constantly traveling, unpredictable weather conditions can take a toll on their health. One of the best ideas for iPhone apps is a weather update app. In this application, you can provide the users with a 5-day, 10-forecast for a region.

Apart from that, the application can also work in a disaster management area, especially in remote areas. For added functionality, we recommend Appreneurs add offline functionality to this product.

There are a couple of ways you can earn through this app. You can monetize your app and run in-app ads or charge third-party vendors for promoting their products on the application.

12. Financial App

iOS App Ideas

People are moving away from the traditional banking system. Now, consumers can manage each aspect of their finances with a single touch. Appreneurs have the opportunity to leverage this digital revolution by creating a financial app.

Through a financial app, users can make payments effectively and even get limited discounts. The target audience for these apps is typically working professionals who don’t have enough time to visit the bank frequently.

Similarly, this is a competitive niche, and that’s why HOI experts recommend appreneurs license the app to smaller banks and earn royalties on each transaction the customer makes through your system.

13. Question Answer App

Users are always searching for an answer to something on the internet. This was the core purpose the web was built for, and it remains the same to this day. Appreneurs can build on this trend by developing an iOS app where users can find all the relevant answers to a particular question.

Most of the students who’ll use this application might be college and high school students who are searching for resources. Digital marketers are another segment you can target if you want to opt for a niche market.

It’s not just questions and answers. Ensure that the application has poll, survey, and quiz features for the users. 

14. Photography App

Another one of the most popular ideas for iPhone apps is the photography app. With the growing smartphone technology, the built-in camera systems have also gotten better. Because of this evolution, there has been a surge in photography apps, with one prime example being Instagram.

Now, you obviously can’t compete with a juggernaut like Instagram, but you can still develop an iOS app that provides users with creative photography features. Once you develop this app, you market this product to Gen-Z, who are more tech-savvy in comparison to millennials or boomers.

If competition is not your thing, then you can create an MVP and license the product to a third-party vendor. Other than that, you can get through in-app ads and sponsored ads on the product.

15. Grocery Delivery App

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods back in 2017 put the grocery delivery business on the map. Since a lot of big and small players are entering the market, you can become one of those too. We recommend you analyze the apps for your competition and find features that they aren’t using on their product.

Next, you can add those missing features to your app and scale much faster. Another thing to remember here is that the target audience for grocery delivery apps is homeowners. These homeowners need fast delivery and a wide variety of catalogs.

This is where you can create a smart business model. Let third-party vendors list their products on your site for a monthly subscription fee.

16. Office Communication App

With remote work culture taking over, employees are communicating through project management apps. You can develop an iOS that assists the employees with ongoing projects and announcements. 

Similarly, these communication and project management apps also provide users with push notifications that make it easier for them to receive updates about upcoming deadlines and schedule changes. 

This market is competitive, with players like Slack having the most customer base. However, you can still identify market gaps and offer the organization competitive pricing. 

17. Home Maintenance App

To avoid any major expense, homeowners need a service that provides them with resources relating to home maintenance. By developing this kind of app, you can provide homeowners with all the relevant information about their appliances and décor.

Furthermore, you can add another helpful feature in the app where users enter details of their home and get personalized maintenance tips. 

There are numerous ways appreneurs can make money through this app. One way is to charge third-party vendors, like plumbers, electricians, or other home specialists, for listing their services on your app. You can also generate revenue by running sponsored ads on your app.

18. Video Editing App

People are no longer using expensive editing software for creating their videos. The new-age smartphone has now made it possible to create and edit content on the go.

This makes it a lucrative chance for appreneurs to cash on this growing trend. For creating a video editing app for iOS, you’ll need to cool transitions and effects. Look for other editing apps available on the App Store and analyze their reviews. This will give you an in-depth overview of the features you’ll need to add to your product.

Furthermore, the target audience for this product would be content creators on Instagram and YouTube who need an inexpensive alternative for editing their videos. As the revenue model, you can charge advertisers for showing their product on the user’s feed.

19. Home Security App

People are looking for effective and inexpensive ways to keep their homes safe from theft. This is one of the reasons why there has been a huge demand for home security systems, especially home security apps, in the past five years.

Appreneurs can capitalize on this by creating security apps that let homeowners control all safety aspects of their homes from a smartphone. These aspects can include safety alarms, door lock systems, and camera monitoring.

There are already big players like Amazon in this industry, so to avoid the competition, we recommend appreneurs license the product to smaller home security companies.

20. Gym And Fitness App

One of the biggest health-related issues globally is obesity. One obvious answer for this is the lack of awareness about a healthier lifestyle.

With a fitness app, you can provide users with a personal workout plan and diet schedule on their smartphones. Similarly, you can also have personal trainers on board to give the users virtual workout sessions.

Health is one of the three most lucrative niches, along with wealth and relationships. There are thousands of apps available on the App Store that are making over 6-figures in revenue.

If you want to create a scalable business through this app, you can also turn these kinds of iPhone app ideas into a marketplace where personal trainers and yoga instructors will list their services for a monthly subscription fee.

21. Language Learning App

Learning a new language has a positive cognitive effect on our brains. Not just that learning a new language also helps people connect with other cultures. 

Appreneurs can develop an iOS where users can learn any new language of their choice through short videos, puzzles, quizzes, and tests. The target audience for this app can be millennials or Gen-Z, who are passionate about traveling and exploring new cultures.

There are engaging features that you can add to this app, too, like connecting with other people globally. This feature also works as a great revenue model where those people give language lessons to the users for a fixed subscription fee.

22. Voice Translation App

This one is quite similar to the language learning app, but instead of learning a new language, this app will translate verbal communication. Through this app, users will find it easier to move around to new destinations, especially where there is a huge language barrier.

This app fits perfectly for digital nomads who work remotely in different countries. Appreneurs can also add a text resignation feature in this app so users can scan texts, restaurant menus, and road signs when they are traveling.

For the revenue model, the creators can offer a monthly subscription fee for the services after a trial period of 1-2 weeks.

23. Travel Guide App

This is another for seasoned and newbie travelers. Since the pandemic, there has been a surge in the traveling industry. More people are willing to explore new places than ever before. Appreneurs can develop an iOS app that provides all the recommendations about a destination, such as local cosines, landmarks, museums, and street markets.

There are other features you can integrate into this app, too, like a chat and video call feature with the locals.

For the revenue model, you charge the restaurant owners, shop owners, and hotels to pay you a subscription fee for listing their place on your iOS app. So, overall this is a lucrative iPhone app idea you can try out for your startup. 

Wrapping Up - 23 iOS App Ideas For Startups

The digital revolution is here, and now’s the right time for appreneurs to invest in a scalable and robust iOS app. But why iOS and not Android? Firstly, iOS users are known to spend more on premium services than Android services. Secondly, unlike Android, iOS isn’t an open-source operating system making it a more reliable and secure OS.

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