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Give visitors a superior shopping experience - launch a convenience-focused and aesthetically appealing e-commerce store as we provide you with scalable and tailored development solutions for Shopify.

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Shopify app development refers to the process of creating custom applications that elevate the performance of a Shopify store by adding more features or capabilities. You can use Shopify’s APIs to build these apps of hire third-party developers for tailored solutions.

Just like any other software, developing a Shopify Store requires full-scale development expertise. The process of development can be simple or complex, however, it requires a skilled developer, even to develop the MVPs. So, we would recommend hiring a professional or onboarding a development agency that specialized in creating on-demand Shopify apps.

The time taken for a Shopify Store to be developed varies based on different factors such as the nature of the app, app features, UI/UX requirements, and more. But, to give you a rough estimate, it takes from 15 days to a month to develop a Shopify Store.

The cost of developing a Shopify Store varies and is governed by different factors. Given the fact that MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) or the apps with low-tier functionality cost less compared to their full-featured counterparts, the average cost of developing a Shopify Store ranges from $15,000 to $25,000.

Yes. HOI Solutions specializes in creating Shopify apps for diversified niches and use-cases - providing you with custom development solutions to streamline the e-commerce workflows.

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