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Get ultra-modern cross-platform apps developed at an affordable price. We ensure that your app is compatible with all leading platforms, runs without hitches, and provides a seamless experience to the end-users no matter which device they are on.

Cross-Platform Solutions for All Industries


Target and impress your clientele with a fast and hassle-free cross-platform mobile app compatible with various end devices and platforms. Add more features as your business grows for a smooth experience.


Reach your patients at home and provide continuous support through an easy-to-use cross-platform mobile app. We provide reasonably-priced development solutions for your healthcare service to satisfy your customers.


Grow your restaurant business digitally and allow clients to place orders online through your very own cross-platform mobile app. We use advanced development technologies to ensure maximum app efficiency.


Through a modern cross platform mobile app, you can boost sales, maximize engagement and revolutionize the online shopping experience for your customers no matter where they are.

Fitness Startups

Leverage the power of a versatile cross-platform mobile app to offer a smooth experience to your fitness clientele. Reach clients effortlessly and stay connected through a seamless mobile interface.

Small Businesses

Get an advanced cross-platform mobile app developed for your small business. The solution is affordable yet yields great benefits for long-term impact in the market.


Cross-platform mobile apps are software compatible with diverse operating systems as they run on multiple platforms and devices, such as Android and iOS.

Cross-platform app development services include developing, designing, testing, and deploying applications that are compatible with various platforms and devices. Ongoing maintenance is also part of the process.

The cost of cross-platform mobile app development services varies from one company to another. However, most firms adopt a quotation-based model where the cost of service is determined by client requirements.

Yes, HOI Solutions offers custom cross-platform services depending on the nature of your business and your requirements.

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